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Aren't you tired of trying to sell yourself without sounding salesy?


Sure, you've read the book, and yes, you know you need to create valuable content that people actually want. 


But what do they want? 

How do you know what their problems really are, if they aren't buying your stuff? 


Do you know? Or do you just promote yourself as best you can and hope that someone will buy it?



The Brand Story App Helps You Understand YOUR Audience, So You Can Solve The Right Problems With Mouth-Watering Offers They Can't Refuse

 No Sleaze.  No Running Blind.  Just A Powerful Story That Brings Dream Clients Straight To Your Door. 


I'm Natalie Dent, founder of Written by Natalie Copywriting Services and the Brand Story App.


Over the last 20 years I've helped hundreds of business owners to understand their true value, by unravelling what really matters to the people you serve, and developing resonant brand voice techniques that let you shine in your market.


It hasn't been an easy road. Back then, I used to chase my tail selling assorted products to anyone who would have them. And while I was very good at selling when I had to, I never felt like I was making a difference, because I kept making the same mistakes over and over again.


To me, selling was about presenting the benefits of my products and asking people to buy them. I wanted people to understand what I had, and I needed them to see that my products were worth their money. So, I inadvertently made my sales process all about me, which breaks the golden rule of selling. I hated it!

Then it all fell into place.


I Figured Out How To Turn The Sales Process Around!


I studied the intricacies of human behaviour, and I learned how to craft meaningful offers that really make a difference to the people you serve, without needing a tacky sales pitch.


I discovered how easy it is to harness the hopes, dreams, fears, and desires of the people who are already looking for you, so you can solve their problems in a way that makes them genuinely want to buy your stuff, because they know you're a no-brainer solution to their actual problem.


Most importantly, I became a master wordsmith. I learned how to close on paper, without sounding sleazy, and without losing my chance to show people what I really do. And now, I'm here to share what I've learned with you, so you can build a successful business without feeling overwhelmed by your marketing.

Ignite Your Business With The Power of Storytelling

So You Can Shine In Your Market Without Chasing Your Sales.

Brand Story is an in-pocket guide that lets you refine your own brand story, at your own pace, using proven copywriting techniques and smart brand voice development tools that work from the comfort of your own home.


I'll show you my tried and tested methods to:

  • Attract The Right Audience, So You Can Grow Your Business Without Running After Your Customers Like A Sleazy Salesman

  • Structure Your Sales Funnel For Maximum Conversions, So You Can Achieve Your Goals Without Overthinking Your Market

  • Leverage The Power Of Words, So You Can Show Your Real Value Without Underpricing Yourself​ Or Missing The Mark


  • Create Evergreen Ideas For Content, So You Can Provide Genuine Value Without Wondering What On Earth You Should Post About Today


  • Simplify Your Story, So You Can Nail Your Elevator Pitch Without Sounding Like A Bumbling Idiot Or Passing Your Chance To Win The Business​


As A Brand Storyteller, You'll Also Receive:


  • Personalized Worksheets That Tailor To Your Own Business, So You Can Work While You Learn


  • My Ready-To-Use Formulas, Cheat Sheets And Flow Charts, So You Can Take A Shortcut Whenever You Need To


  • Access To The Brand Storytellers' Online Community, So You Can Share Your Journey With First-Hand Accountability


"Natalie is powerful in the knowledge she has. She can simplify complicated and overwhelming loads of information into understandable, approachable and exhilarating stories.


Working with Natalie is like having your eyes opened. She has an inherent insight into human nature and the power of emotional selling. The way she breaks down strategies and processes makes you feel like you’ve always known. Each conversation with Natalie leaves me feeling like I have gained years' worth of knowledge and experience."

Lucy Paterson, Lifestyle Blogger

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"Natalie has been brilliant to work with and her contribution towards developing the brand voice of Cavago has been a revelation. She excels at understanding the right notes to strike to drive a narrative. She is excellent with her words and eloquent in her delivery of a message.


What is particularly outstanding about Natalie’s work is her rigour and tenacity as she deep dives into her subject. She strikes an excellent balance between the science and art of building a brand voice. There is no doubt that we will work with Natalie in the future."

Tauseef Qadri, CEO at Cavago

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