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Brand Story is 
Your In-Pocket Guide to Master Marketing

Regain Control of Your Marketing Communication with powerful sales techniques that reduce costs, save time, and look professional, so you can attract dream clients without wasting your precious energy on endless experiments that just don't work!

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Does your marketing feel all over the place?

Do you keep missing out on those much-needed sales because haphazard marketing never seems to go anywhere? Perhaps you’ve run out of revenue and tried something new on TikTok? You may have taken a course, watched YouTube videos, created endless social media posts, or hired someone cheap and cheerful who doesn’t know much more than you do.

Sometimes, trying to stay afloat can leave you feeling like you spend more time on other people's businesses than you do on your own. Other people's pre-made templates don't apply to your own business, so all that learning goes straight to the too-hard box, saved for another day.

Lay the right sales strategy for your business with Brand Story.

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Stop wasting your time on foolish experiments that damage your brand, and start winning the sales communication game today.

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If you’re anything like the average entrepreneur, you’ve spent countless hours reading about what to do – and what not to do – with your marketing campaigns.

But somehow, despite all that online research, your self-taught sales training never quite resonates with the right types of clients. No matter what you do, you just don’t get the traction you need to feel that surge of confidence, because explaining what you do to unqualified prospects who just don’t get it is soul-destroying!

Chasing low-value clients who aren’t the right fit is not what you signed up for when you reached up and took your dream of owning your own business into your hands.


Your business is supposed to make your life simpler, with financial freedom that fits running a business into living your life just the way you want it to, without the daily battle of figuring it all out by yourself.

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Brand Story reverse engineers your dream client with proven sales-psychology strategies

 Sell yourself with effortless ease. No sleaze. No running blind. Just a powerful sales story that attracts your dream clients into your business, so you can make money doing what you love without falling down the common pitfalls of modern marketing.

"Working with Natalie is like having your eyes opened. She has an inherent insight into human nature and the power of emotional selling. The way she breaks down strategies and processes makes you feel like you’ve always known. Each conversation with Natalie leaves me feeling like I have gained years' worth of knowledge and experience."


- Lucy Paterson, Professional Sales Copywriter

Resonate effortlessly with dream clients who get what you do and want to connect with you!

You'll get inside knowledge into how buyers make decisions, so you can harness their inherent desires and win their yes response at every touchpoint.


We'll unpick the essence of your dream client, so you can understand your ideal audience at a core level, and speak directly to their heart's purpose. You'll learn how to craft masterful stories that deliver precisely what your dream client wants, with an authentic finesse that makes buying from you easy and satisfying.

You'll also get access to friendly support, bonus content, personalised learning, and the exact formulas that top copywriters use to build game-changing brands that change the world. No more guesswork. No more wondering if you're on the right track.


Quick Results

See a positive change in your Brand Story with as little as 10 minutes a day.


Any Device

Learn on your phone, tablet, TV or laptop, with or without a wifi connection.


Supportive Community

Share your wins and access personal support to boost your confidence!

"Strikes an excellent balance between the science and art of building a brand voice."


- Tauseef Qadri, CEO at Cavago

Affordable monthly membership with flexible terms

So you can always stay in control of your own business.


Download Brand Story from the App or Play Store


Get content that's tailored to your own business


Choose an annual or monthly plan


Apply your strategy while you learn for fast results

Flexible plans start from Just £37 

Join the elite club of happy business owners who get their sales communication strategy right, every time.

Brand Story gives you a marketing communication toolbox that sets you up for long-term, self-managed success, at your own pace, in your own environment, on your own terms.

"She has given me a much-needed confidence boost and helped me see my business through new eyes. So grateful."


- Laura Bremner, Occupational Performance Coach

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